Contributions Needed: Video to Celebrate Fathers in the Parish

The Gender Group of St Paul’s is inviting you to participate in a videoshoot to celebrate our Fathers in the Parish for among other things, their involvement in family life and contributing to the elimination of GBV narrative from our families and social setting.

The 19th 2022 of June is Fathers’ Day. Yet another opportunity to celebrate, appreciate and show love to our Fathers.

We kindly request that a representative from your Guild/Group prepares a message and videos herself/himself and sends us the vidoe to compile with others from the parish. If you have a message ready by tomorrow we can video you after the service.

Assistance and direction on this project will be provided by Ms Mandisa Gumada, our Videographer. Please ensure that your message does not exceed 2 minutes, and has a GBV focus in appreciating and celebrating our fathers

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation.

For further clarity, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Mandisa Gumada
+27 73 166 9586