Diocesan Dialogue Conference 28 March 2020

The Diocese has fervently prayed and we have had many meetings and consultations and various groups have expressed various thoughts around where we are as a Diocese. On the 25th of January the Diocese fervently prayed together and listened to God to be guided on the way forward.

IN response to this prayer the Diocesan Dialogue Conference, called by the Vicar General for 28 March from 09h00 to 15h00, aims to consolidate our thoughts and provide guidance to the varied structures that will be tasked with leading the Diocese into the Elective Assembly and beyond.

Many meetings and Consultations have been held and the conference aims to bring it all together and provide clear recommendations to the Elective Assembly Advisory Council, the Discernment Committee (as per amended Canon) and to Diocesan Council and the next Synod. Therefore it is critical that the Church is “listened to and heard.” The Dialogue will give every Parish an opportunity to have their say. It will provide an opportunity to influence the agenda going forward, deciding what needs to be left in the past and what needs to guide our future.

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Diocesan Dialogue Conference