Lent Bible Study Course via Zoom

This is a copy of the Lent Bible Study Course. We will conduct it over Zoom on Wednesdays from 18.00, starting on 24 February. All are invited to join in.

Why this course?

In September 2020, the Provincial Standing Committee passed a resolution on Gender Based Violence (GBV) which, among other things, resolved “that we respectfully request the Archbishop to declare a theme for Lent of 2021 to focus on GBV.” Archbishop Thabo has requested that the Provincial Liturgical Committee prepare a Lent Course for 2021 that the entire Province will have access to. This is the outcome.

How do we approach Gender Based Violence in this course?

This course takes as its point of departure a reflection on who God is. Given that GBV brings such deep devastation to individuals, families and communities we are often overwhelmed by the disastrous effects of this violence. In this course we seek to find a powerful positive message of hope to bring Good News into our world of hurt, violence, broken relationships and inhumanity. In the face of the devastation of GBV we affirm a God who is love, who stands in compassionate solidarity with all who suffer and offers restoration to those whose lives are devastated. At this time of the Covid-19 the need to work against GBV is ever more urgent. People are confined to homes where they may be suffering abuse. Relationships are strained by financial stress. Mental illness is exacerbated. Children are more vulnerable spending more time at home because of lockdowns. A course like this could not be timelier.

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