Letter from Revd Andrew to the People of St Pauls 19 September 2020

Greetings in Jesus’ name!

Return to services in church

Thank you for filling out the form indicating your readiness to return to services in church.  Based on the readiness of some parishioners to return Parish Council has decided that we will hold services on Sundays from 4 October, at both 7.30 and 9.15.  We understand that there are those among us who at the moment feel comfortable returning to church services only at a later stage.  If you have not already completed the form please do so here.

Parishioners are asked to arrive 30 minutes before the start of each service in order to allow time for the taking and recording of one’s temperature, responding to Covid-19 related questions, giving contact details and sanitising.  The wearing of masks are compulsory.

Aware that many parishioners are not able or do not feel safe returning to services we will continue to communicate relevant information to our members.

Diocesan Gender Based Ministry Online

Mens Zoom March.  Each parish or archdeaconry to speak out in prepared placard or poster against Gender-Based Violence.  Saturday 19 September 2020@13h00-14h00.  Meeting ID 81347668367.

Rector on leave

I will be on leave from 22 September to 2 October. If you need assistance during this time please contact Sabelo Mthimkhulu (079 304 2845), the church wardens or the parish office.

Sunday 27 September

Being the Sunday nearest Heritage day we will include a focus on Heritage during this Sunday; and we offer another “Zoom service” at 9.00 that morning.


Edith Geswindt has moved from Kings Hall to stay with close relatives in Gauteng.  We wish her well in settling into her new home.

 Stewardship Month October

During the month of October we offer an opportunity for us to recommit ourselves to God and to the ministry of St Pauls.  Forms to express our financial giving, and the use of our time and talents will be made available.

Adoption of revised budget for 2020

At our Vestry meeting this year the Parish Council were requested to revise the budget that was presented.  This has now been done.  Through the hard work of the Finance Committee over the last few months and with input from the Parish Council, the budget was finally approved this week.  Copies are available from the parish office should you wish to see it.

We now begin to work on the budget for 2021.  In order to ensure wider participation and ownership we invite groups/guilds as well as individuals to offer input into this budget.  Suggestions to be considered for incorporation into this budget may be given into the parish office.

From the Dean/Vicar General

It is with great sadness that I write to inform you of the death of Mr Vumelakhe Nxumalo the brother of Mother Londiwe Manqele, Community of Jesus’ Compassion.

Mr Nxumalo passed away of natural causes after a long illness.  May light perpetual shine upon him and may he rest in peace and rise in glory with Christ.   Please remember Mother Londiwe the CJC Community and the Nxumalo family in your prayers during this sad and difficult time.


150th Anniversary Service expanded, broadcast live, 4 pm, Sunday Sept 20th

Sunday’s service celebrating ACSA’s 150th anniversary has been expanded in partnership with the SA Council of Churches (SACC) and the Solidarity Fund with the aim also of uplifting people’s spirits in the time of the coronavirus, of inspiring courage in moments of darkness and of enlivening hope for the future.

The time of the service has been moved to 4 pm on Sunday (September 20) to enable its broadcast in South Africa on SABC2, the national broadcaster’s channel with the biggest reach. It will also be carried throughout Africa on DStv Channel 404. Details of an online webcast will be posted to ACSA’s Facebook page .

The service will be one of Solemn Evensong, held under coronavirus lockdown protocols.  The Order of Service will be published online on Sunday before the service begins, with a link from the Facebook page.

Evensong will be led in St George’s Cathedral, Cape Town, by Archbishop Thabo Makgoba. The preacher will be Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury, head of the world-wide Anglican Communion. Ms Gloria Serobe, the Chairperson of the Solidarity Fund, and the President of the SACC, Bishop Zipho Siwe of the Methodist Church, will also join the service. Hymns will be led by choirs from St Cyprian’s Church, Langa, Cape Town, and the Cathedral.

In the coming weeks, the SACC plans to arrange three further services in cooperation with the inter-faith community, the ecumenical community and the Catholic Church with Vatican involvement. Details will be published when they are finalised.

 Archbishop Thabo to speak address HIV and AIDS Conference

Archbishop Thabo will deliver a key-note speech to a major international conference on HIV and Aids, on the first of three days of virtual meetings, under the heading “Resilience & Renewal: faith in the HIV response”. The conference, from 22 to 24 September, will take place online and “provide a space for sharing, capacity building and advocacy among people of faith involved in the HIV and Aids response.”

Tribute to George Bizos SC, Madiba’s friend and lawyer by Archbishop Makgoba (12 September)

Another giant of our struggle for freedom and a pillar of a non-racial vision for South African has fallen. George Bizos was a man who loved and lived social justice in our country. I met him at a couple of functions, but the most memorable was at Madiba’s home at Qunu in the Eastern Cape, when he, Lungi and I arrived together for Madiba’s funeral and, finding the front door locked to visitors, entered the Mandela home together through the kitchen; we were sternly rebuked but were nonetheless welcomed.

George was a man who knew, smelt and touched township and village alike with his soul and the hands of his love. My family, the Church and I send his family, friends and faith community our condolences. His death calls on us to dedicate ourselves to non-racialism, equality, fairness and an economy with particular eyes for the poorest township and village. We will miss his tears and warm heart for all of humanity.

Lectionary for October

Thursday 1st MP Ps 146, 147   Hosea 5:8-6:6   Acts 21: 27-36

EP Ps 148, 149, 150   1 Kings 18:28-37   Luke 6: 1-11

Friday 2nd MP Ps 1, 2, 3   Hosea 10: 1-15   Acts 21: 37-22:16

EP Ps 4, 5, 6    2 Kings 19: 1-20     Luke 6: 12-26

Saturday 3rd   MP   Ps 7, 8     Hosea 11: 1-9      Acts 22:17-29

EP   Ps 9            2 Kings 19:21-36       Luke 6: 27-38

Sunday 4th   MP Ps 120         Hosea 13: 4-14     1 Corinthians 2: 6-16

EP Ps 122, 123  2 Kings 20: 1-21   Matthew 14: 1-12

Monday 5th    MP Ps 10, 11     Hosea 14: 1-9      Acts 22:30-23:11

EP Ps 12, 13, 14   2 Kings 21: 1-18     Luke 6: 39-49

Tuesday 6th    MP Ps 15, 16      Micah 1:1-9           Acts 23:12-24

EP Ps 17        2 Kings 22: 1-13       Luke 7: 1-17

Wednesday 7th   MP Ps 18:1-31   Micah 2:1-13   Acts 23:23-35

EP Ps 18:32-52   2 Kings 22:14-23:3        Luke 7: 18-35

Thursday 8th MP   Ps 19, 20, 21   Micah 3:1-8   Acts 24: 1-23

EP Ps 22     2 Kings 23:4-25    Luke 7: 36-50

Friday 9th MP Ps 23, 24   Micah 3:9-4:5   Acts 24:24-25:12

EP Ps 25   2 Kings 23:36-24:17    Luke 8: 1-15

Saturday 10th MP   Ps 26, 27    Micah 5:1-4, 10-15         Acts 25:13-27

EP Ps 28, 29, 30   Jeremiah 35: 1-19     Luke 8:16-25

Sunday 11th    MP Ps 124, 125      Micah 6: 1-8    1 Corinthians 4: 9-16

EP Ps 126, 127, 128   Jeremiah 36:1-10   Matthew 15: 21-28

Monday 12th   MP Ps 31      Micah 7: 1-7    Acts 26:1-23       

EP Ps 32, 33   Jeremiah 36:11-26   Luke 8: 26-39

Tuesday 13th    MP Ps 34    Jonah 1: 1-17a     Acts 26: 24-27:8

EP Ps 35   Jeremiah 36:27-37:2   Luke 8: 40-56

Wednesday 14th MP Ps 36     Jonah 1: 17-2:10   Acts 27: 9-26

EP Ps  37: 1-20    Jeremiah 37: 3-21   Luke 9: 1-17

Thursday 15th MP Ps 37:21-41   Jonah 3:1-4:11 Acts 27:27-44

EP Ps 38    Jeremiah 38:1-13  Luke 9:18-27

Friday 16th MP Ps 39    Ecclesiasticus 1:1-20    Acts 28:1-16

EP Ps 40, 41   Jeremiah 38:14-28   Luke 9: 28-36

Saturday 17th   MP   Ps 42, 43   Ecclesiasticus 3:17-31      Acts 28:17-31

EP   Ps 44      2 Kings 25: 8-12, 22-30     Luke 9: 37-50

Sunday 18th    MP Ps 129      Ecclesiasticus 4:1-10    1 Corinthians 10: 1-13

EP Ps 133, 135   Jeremiah 29: 1, (2-3) 4-14   Matthew 16:13-20

Monday 19th MP Ps 45, 46   Ecclesiasticus 4:20-5:7   Revelations 7:1-8

EP Ps 47, 48    Jeremiah 44:1-4    Luke 9: 51-92

Tuesday 20th    MP Ps 49    Ecclesiasticus 6:5-17   Revelations 7:9-17

EP Ps 50     Lamentations 1:1-12     Luke 10: 1-16

Wednesday 21st   MP Ps 51    Ecclesiasticus 7:4-14   Revelation 8:1-13

EP Ps 52, 53, 54    Lamentations 2:8-15    Luke 10: 17-24

Thursday 22nd MP Ps 55    Ecclesiasticus 10:1-18    Revelation 9:1-12

EP Ps 56, 57, 58     Ezra 1:1-11    Luke 10: 25-37

Friday 23rd MP Ps 59,60  Ecclesiasticus 11:2-20 Revelation 9:13-21

EP Ps 61,62  Ezra 3:1-13 Luke 10:38-42

Saturday 24th MP Ps 63,64, 65 Ecclesiasticus 15:9-20 Revelation 10:1-11

EP Ps 66, 67      Ezra 4: 7, 11-24   Luke 11:1-13

Sunday 25th   MP Ps 130,131 Ecclesiasticus 18:19-33  1 Corinthians 10:15-24

EP Ps 136,137    Haggai 1:1-2:9    Matthew 18:15-20

Monday 26th MP Ps 68    Ecclesiasticus 19:4-7   Revelation 11:1-14

EP Ps 69    Zachariah 1: 7-17   Luke 11: 14-26

Tuesday 27th MP Ps 70, 71   Ecclesiasticus 24: 1-12   Revelation 11:14-19

EP Ps 72   Ezra 5: 1-17    Luke 11: 27-36

Wednesday 28thMP Ps 73   Ecclesiasticus 28:13-26  Revelation 12:1-6

EP Ps 74      Ezra 6: 1-22      Luke 11: 37-52

Thursday 29th MP Ps 75, 76   Ecclesiasticus 31:12-18(19-24) 25-32:2   Revelation 12: 7-17

EP Ps 77     Nehemiah 1: 1-11   Luke 11:53-12:12

Friday 30th MP Ps 78: 1-38   Ecclesiasticus 34:1-8 (9-17) 18-22 Revelation 13:1-10

EP Ps 78: 39-70    Nehemiah 2: 1-20   Luke 12: 13-21

Saturday 31st     MP Ps 79, 80     Ecclesiasticus 35: 1-17 Revelation 13: 11-18

EP Ps 34    Isiah 40: 27-31    Revelation 19: 1,4-10

Wedding Anniversaries for September, omitted earlier: Please note the following:

21 Siviwe and Lethiwe Tyumre

28 Bahle and Jabu Soni

 Birthdays and Anniversaries October

2 Wayne Raman

4 Andy Horvath

6 Nelisa Mtolo

7 Thokozani Gwambe, Kenneth Naiker

9 Sbuntus Mahlati

10 Monwabisi Dlamini, Athie Magudu

14 Bonga Shozi

15 Terence Pillay

16 Edwin Louis, Nobentungwa Calypso Zwane

17Hazel Clarisse, Molly Sigamoney

18 Chukloudum Okoli, Ben-Paul Onyekaomelu

20 Leandra Koster

22 Yasmin Mahomed Ebrahim

23 Susan Meiring

26 Judo Saane, Mpumelelo Mtshawu, Sesethu Mqoqi, Athina Mahlati,

27 Egerton Hingston

28 Dawn Underhill

29 Shirley Dickson

30 Isabelle Brooks, Lethu Mkhize

Wedding Anniversaries for October

7 Grant and Britt Eckersley-Williamson

12 John and Ros Clark

30 Brain and Irene Pillay

Please bring to our attention corrections or omissions.


We are grateful to those who have continued to give their Planned Giving directly into the church bank account and to those who have also given loose plate collections and donations in this way.   This has enabled us to continue to pay staff salaries and our assessment. Please continue to give. (The St Paul’s banking details are: Account Name: St Paul’s Church; Account Number: 50854628623; Branch Code: 221426; Bank: FNB.)

God bless.

Yours in Christ

Revd Dr Andrew Warmback

Rector: St Paul’s, Durban