Letter from Revd Andrew to the People of St Pauls 25 July 2020

Dear People of St Paul’s

Greetings in Jesus’ name!

Sabelo Mthimkhulu

Mr Sabelo Mthimkhulu, the new ordinand in our archdeaconry, moves into flat 3 this afternoon.  He gave the following as an introduction to himself:  “I am originally from Nqutu (Diocese of Natal). Currently doing a Masters in Theology with UKZN, I  have an interest in issues of Ecology. I have a degree in Geography and Environmental Management from UKZN.” We welcome him and pray that his ministry among us would be a fruitful one.  His cell phone number is: 079 304 2845  and his email address is: mthimkhulusabelo93@gmail.com

Sabelo Mthimkhulu

Sabelo will preach this Sunday.

The Collect for this Sunday 26 July is:

O Sovereign God,

Jesus Christ established your reign on earth:

let its coming be like the mustard seed

that grows into greatness,

and like the leaven that mixes with the grain

until the whole becomes greater;

to the praise of the one, holy and Blessed Trinity,

who lives and reigns for ever and ever.



Next week the Diocese will decide if Anglican Churches in our Diocese can reopen for services.  Our parishioners who have been asked about the reopening of services have expressed a reluctance to attend in person services at this time.

Our Prayers

Let us continue to pray for one another; and to share the prayer needs we have.  This is a practical way of caring for one another.

I mention some prayer requests:

Gifford Sparks, who has recently moved into frail care at Parkview, has tested positive for Covid-19.

Revd Martin Brower’s grandchildren, with whom he lives, have tested positive for Covid-19 – he is isolating himself on the upper floor of his two storey house.  His sister-in-law, who lives in Langeler Towers, has Covid.

Portia Nodangala: News this week from her ‘support team’: “I am excited to share with you that Portia is really doing well. She’s feeling great and excited that she was able to go to gym in a wheelchair instead of the bed. She was able to join the rest of the patients in the dining room for lunch instead of having hers in the ward. We thank God for these milestones and miracles and continue to trust Him with her recovery moving forward….Portia’s knee operation went well yesterday [Wednesday]. She stayed over at ICU and will be moved later today. We are grateful to God for this great news. She has a great team of specialists that are looking after her. Thank you for your continued prayers and love- much appreciated. Stay safe. Stay blessed”

In Memoria

On our website we have created a page for those who have died.  We will add further information about them. You can see pictures of Basil Ebrahim and Thandazile Sithole on our website.

From the Archbishop Thabo Makgoba –  Statement on the death of Andrew Mlangeni, Wednesday, 22 July 2020

The sad loss of Andrew Mlangeni marks not only the passing of a generation prepared to lay down their lives for justice and freedom, but of a leader who continued to model ethical, values-based leadership in the interests of the poor.
Our society owes an inestimable debt to the Rivonia generation, and we owe it to the memory of Baba Mlangeni and his comrades to recover their values and work not for our own personal gain but instead pursue the common good.
I will miss seeing and warmly interacting with Baba at the annual State of the Nation address.
We send our condolences and those of the wider Anglican Church to his family. May he rest in peace, and rise in glory.


Someone sent me some lovely orchids with a get well message included.  Thank you whoever you are! The gesture and thoughtfulness is much appreciated. I am recovering well.

Lectionary readings for this week

Morning Prayer (MP) and Evening Prayer (EP), Psalm (Ps):


Sunday 26th          MP  Ps 72:1-19             Joshua 24:1-15          Acts 28:23-31

EP Ps 71                       2 Samuel 1:17-27       Mark 2:23-28

Monday 27th         MP  Ps 119:105-128     Joshua 24:16-33         Romans 16:1-16

EP Ps 119:129-152       2 Samuel 2:1-11         Matthew 27:24-31

Tuesday 28th         MP  Ps 119:153-176     Judges 2: 1-5, 11-23   Romans 16:17-27

EP Ps 120, 121, 122     2 Samuel 3: 6-21        Matthew 27:32-44

Wednesday 29th      MP Ps 123, 124, 125    Judges 3:12-30           Acts 1:1-14

EP Ps 126, 127, 128     2 Samuel 3: 22-39      Matthew 27: 45-54

Thursday 30th       MP Ps 129, 130, 131     Judges 4: 4-24           Acts 1: 15-26

EP Ps 132, 133, (134)   2 Samuel 4: 1-12        Matthew 27: 55-66

Friday 31st            MP Ps 135                     Judges 5: 1-18           Acts 2:1-21

EP Ps 136                      2 Samuel 5:1-12        Matthew 28:1-10

Saturday 1st         MP Ps 137, 138              Judges 5: 19-31         Acts 2: 22-36

EP Ps139                       2 Samuel 5: 22-6:11  Matthew 28: 11-20


We are grateful to those who have continued to give their Planned Giving directly into the church bank account and to those who have also given loose plate collections and donations in this way. (The St Paul’s banking details are: Account Name: St Paul’s Church; Account Number: 50854628623; Branch Code: 221426;  Bank: FNB.)


May the God who dwells beyond us

And the God who dwells among us

And the God who calls us to dwell together

Bless you now and always.

(From Sacred Journeys: A Woman’s Book of Daily Prayer, by Jan Richardson, p258, Nashville: Upper Room Books, 1996)

Yours in Christ

Revd Dr Andrew Warmback

Rector: St Pauls, Durban