Lockdown: Past, Present and Future

By Revd Martin Brower

It came from the East.

Dear friends in Christ. l greet you all in the very precious name of Jesus Christ our Lord and  Saviour.

I have been asked to give my perspective of the Covid-19 lockdown that we are all experiencing now.

It came from the East in 2019. Very few of us were aware of what was developing in the East.  It reached Europe very quickly and before we knew it, people literally began to die like flies. It arrived in South Africa through our beloved KZN and then people sat up and took notice.

Our President – bless him – acted decisively to protect his people – hence lockdown. How did it feel? I listened to his announcement with awe and trepidation.

Stay at home!!! But how. We are so used to our own way of life. How is it going to work?

My son warned me. The virus. This unseen killer is already here. It is not going to start when the lockdown begins.  It is here. Start taking precautions now.

Masks were sold at exorbitant prices. I decided to have a haircut the day before lockdown. The barber charged me R45 for a haircut that cost R20 the week before. And he only told me this after he cut my hair. Last minute purchases.  Last minute goodbyes to friends and family, as we headed into an uncertain future.

Lockdown day dawned. I arose expecting to see the main roads of Wentworth crawling with the army and police. Nothing.  A road that was busy the day before was devoid of traffic. No police. No army. It felt like a Sunday. Everyone was indoors.

Totally unreal. Quiet roads.

The next evening my sister-in-law begged me to pick up her son from the hospital.

He was stranded there after being treated for asthma. I drove through deserted streets.

Only seeing a police van going in the opposite direction.

I had stocked up on novels. I read, slept watched TV and texted family and friends. I devoured 7 novels in 3 weeks, watched TV till all hours of the night and fell asleep while the TV watched me.

This inaction got on my nerves. I decided to fix everything in the house that needed fixing. Our President said we must fly the South African flag high. I spent a day erecting a flagpole.

I live in a double storey house. My grandchildren rent downstairs and I live alone upstairs. Each flat has it’s own entrance. I decided to remove some cladding to make it one home for easier access. We eat together, play together, fight together.  There are 5 members in my grandson’s family.  Two boys and one seven month old baby girl. What a joy getting to know them even though they get on my nerves with their constant bickering.

I must say that I have grown fat from the wonderful well cooked meals I received.

I go out of my car to replenish supplies and pay some utilities. I take my eldest great grandson to Albert Luthuli hospital once a month.  He has leukaemia and receives chemotherapy. Although they say he is in remission he has to have it as a precaution.

We are now on level 3. I have just been informed that churches will be allowed to open with restrictions. We know what these are. Let’s adhere to them.

What does the future hold for us. Life will never be the same. Lockdown will go but the virus will remain.

It came from the East. Our salvation will come from the East. Fact is that the Sun rises in the East bringing the dawn of a new day. Every new day brings us hope of the discovery of a vaccine that will eradicate this pestilence.

Hope in Jesus Christ is what we Christians believe in. Let us wait in hope for the new day that comes from the East.

God bless and keep you safe.

Rev. Martin Brower