My Son Sfiso Teaches me Lessons Every Day

Following our Disability Awareness Sunday, we had Luyanda Gwina give his story about his son Ntsika on YouTube.

This is Tiny Mncwabe’s story which she have permission to share. Tiny and her son, Sfiso Gabriel Mncwabe also attended the disability awareness Sunday.

My personal experience started when my son was 1 and 1\2 yr.  That’s when I started to notice that his speech was not developing like other kids his own age – otherwise he was like any other kid.

Since I was working in Zululand then for the Govt, I realized that i needed to resign and return back to Durban for better facilities for my son. Then when he was 3 yrs old I came back to Durban.

Things were a bit hectic then regarding my sons behaviour since I was still learning how to cope and manage his condition. Now and again he was also a bit violent until he was fully diagnosed with non verbal Autism.

Since then life became better as he was also put on meds that calmed him completely. With time I adjusted and have grown used to my son and his condition

Right now i wouldn’t trade him for anything. My life has changed for the better because of him . I love him very much.

I feel the Lord gave me a live angel to guide and protect me from myself. Thank u so much father for allowing me this opportunity to share my story. God bless