St Paul’s News 17 December 2021

Dear People of St Pauls


There has been a record increase in Covid-19 infections in South Africa.  This increase is also reflected in our church members who have tested positive for Covid-19.

We continue to urge our members to be very careful over this festive season, and in family gatherings.  And of course anyone not yet vaccinated should get vaccinated as soon as possible. This is to protect not only oneself but others one comes into contact with.

 All Souls

In our previous communication we acknowledged the contribution of the Soni family in memory of the late Mncwango family. This should have also included the remembrance of the late Soni family members.  We apologise for this omission.

 Revd Sabelo Mthimkhulu

Revd Sabelo is grateful for the support he received at his ordination. His last service with us will be on Christmas day, after which he goes on leave.  We will invite Revd Sabelo to return for a farewell service at a suitable time.

A recording of the ordination service (which was interrupted when livestreamed) may be accessed through one of the following links:

Mission to Seafarers Christmas Carols 19 December, 18.00

This service, which includes participation by our clergy, will be broadcast on Sunday evening.  We will send out the link to view it on Sunday.

RIP Buddy Ross

We pray for one of our Lay Ministers, David Hughes, who recently lost his partner, Buddy. We give thanks for Buddy’s life. May he Rest in Peace.

Office Closure

Our church offices will be closed on 22 December and reopen on 4 January.

Bread for Daily Living

Copies for January/February 2022 are available at services and the church office.

Receiving Material

We continue to send out this news as well as Sunday sermons and other material regularly through e-mail and Whatsapp.  It is also put on our website, and further distributed though social media.  Please inform the parish office: if you change any of your contacts details (cell no, email), if you are receiving the material in one format and prefer to receive it in another etc., would like to include the contact details of someone not on our parish roll to receive the communication.

Justine Onyeka-Nwaeme, has recently published his second novel

Justine Onyeka-Nwaeme, has recently published his second novel

 Was It Worth It?:  A Conspiracy Against America, Britain and Russia

One of our members, Justine Onyeka-Nwaeme, has recently published his second novel, and is offering it for sale at the discounted price of R100.  Please contact Justin if you would like to buy a copy at 083 355 4517.

Well done to Justin!

The following is from the back cover of the book:

“Conspiracy hangs heavy in the air throughout the American defence forces, as Ms Sophia, bent on undermining America’s first female president and taking over herself, launches a deadly plan.  Ex-solider Bryan is recruited out of retirement and set about assembling a team to combat a global threat and save lives of millions. To make life more difficult for Bryan, a former Russian Mafia boss, Mr Viktor, seeks asylum in the US with the motive of funding Bryan, whom he believes killed his son.  Was it worth it? Is a story that looks not only at the implications behind the actions but also the motivations of the key players asking each whether their sacrifice was worth it.”

 Bishop Vicentia Refiloe Kgabe, newly consecrated Bishop of Lesotho

One of our members, Mandisa Gumada, contributed to a book, Bishop, We Celebrate With You! compiled by Mel Awu (November 2021). Her contribution is below:

“First of all I would like to congratulate you once more for allowing God’s work to manifest in your life, by availing yourself to be amongst those to be elected as Bishop-Look at God! Let me say it has been a journey but one worth pondering upon thanking the Almigthy God for the lessons learned along the way.

I remember the first time I met you in person in 2017 I noted how much you love your church, the people and God.  What stood out for me was how you undoubtedly defended it on the engagements we had.

In you there is teacher, be teachable too. In you there exists a leader, be available to be led too. Also in you I know there is a mother/sister/friend, do receive the love you give.

I know you will do exceptionally well, you have a magnitude of women, girls, men praying for you. By the way I am your number one cheerleader. I love you and pray for you! Hola #RunningBishop”

 RIP Diocesan Clergy

Retired priest, Dave Silva, passed on this week.  We pray for his wife, Revd Margie Silva.

Christmas service – 25 December at 8.30.

Also services will be as usual on Sunday 26 December, the last Sunday of Christmas Service the year, and Sunday 2 January, the first Sunday of 2022.

The Parish Executive and Council wish all our members a Blessed Christmas and many blessings in the New Year.

 Birthdays in January

(Please inform the parish office of any corrections or omissions)

1 Lilian Cowley, Zoh Mdhladhla, Samuel Serwanga, Philisile Khumalo

4 Planas Albrech

5 Anele Magudu, Aaron Mgudu, Noloyiso Mancotywa

6 Leo Lebenya

9 Lwandile Mkhize

11Clerrade Sigamoney, Ntsikelelo Mpungose, Raul Solomon

13 David Manford, Jabu Soni

15 Phillip Woodroffe

17 Sandy Miles

18 Jenny Bannister

19 Jenny Henry, Bedz Mqoqi

20 Rachael Nadido, Gops Chetty, Zama Ngwenya

22 Siyakholwa Mpungose, Chinazom Udoka

23 Giovanni Duru

24 Beverley Pillay, Alison Warmback, Kutlo Tuswa

25 Erthwey Abrahams, Lulu Ntshobeni

28 Brian Pillay

29 Khwezi and Lukholo Mapasa, Thabo Cele, Gelinda Lebrasse, Dudu Kumalo

31 Pumza Tuswa, June Powell, Thamba Mapasa, Mendi Kubheka, Sizo  Gugushe

Wedding Anniversary in January

13 Mr Jabulani and Mrs Mhlongo


On the Day of Reconciliation the Denis Hurley Centre usually invites the public to have a meal with those who are homeless.  It could not happen again yesterday. Instead they encouraged us, “in the 10 days between now and Christmas, to commit to carrying out 10 small acts of reconciliation that will go some way to helping build social cohesion (and do not involve COVID risk).”

They suggest the following ideas:

“1. Contact someone you have lost touch with – by phone, by email or social media

  1. Eat a type of food you are not familiar with (and do some research about it or talk to the staff if you are in a restaurant)
  2. Fix a broken family relationship (by forgiving someone or enabling others to forgive)
  3. Support a local market or craftsperson (instead of buying things made in factories and sold in big stores)
  4. Say hello to a neighbour you don’t know (especially one who is a different age/ class/ culture from you)
  5. Plant a tree or look after a plant to reconcile yourself with the planet
  6. Tidy up a public area (park or beach) near where you live
  7. Stop and have a conversation with a homeless person at the robots (or just wind down the window and greet them)
  8. Read a book from a country or a genre you don’t know very well as a way of expanding your horizons
  9. Find a piece of music from another country and share it on social media with your comments”

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