St Paul’s News – 4 November 2021

All saints/Commemoration of the Faithful Departed

We acknowledge the following donations received so far in memory of loved ones:





Thandie Kweyama (R1000) Revd TS Kweyama, Jabulani Kweyama & Alvina Tshabalala
Somasundram Family (R50) Somasundram, Aidan & Roopchund Families
Penny Kweyama (R150) Stanely, Sophi, Clementine, Thoko, Thembi & Solly Kweyama
Onyeka Igbmezu (R20) BMC & Livinus Igbomezu
Penny Larkin (R200) Rosamond Wade, Diana Grimbeek & Neil Connelly
Danita (R50) Grandparents
Faith Gushu (R50) Vina, James, Lettie, Nelisiwe, Sibusiso & Sibonelo Gushu
Minnie Madondo (R50) Madondo & Gwabeni Families
Nomfundo Petros (R100) Buyile & Linda Petros
Zuziwe Gushu (R20) Lettie & James Gushu
Valencia Gushu (R20) Stanley Mkhize & Mbali Zuke
Valencia Gushu (R20) All the Gushu Family Members.
Zama Ngwenya (R300) Her parents, Margaret & Masoabi Khahledi
Ken Okoli (R1000) Kachi, Kamsi, Ebenizer & Obunike Okoli
Mpila Family (R100) Departed Family Members
Isabelle Brook (R20) Her Husband, Parents & Brother
Dr Egerton Hingston (R200) Revd Augustus & Mrs Patrica Hingston, Mr Peter Hingston, Mrs Naomi and Mr C Beckley
Julia Mcunu (R300) Mr Christoper Mcunu (husband) Phakade & Mduduzi Mcunu (sons)
AW Zwane (R1000) Edward Richman Zibonele & Sifisokuhle Ntshosho Zwane
Tymre Family (R100) Tozamile Tymre (Gatras)
SN Zibani (R100) Friends & Family
Zuziwe Mtolo (R20) Wisdom M Mtolo
Doreen Senoge (R500) Mathabo & Jacob Senoge
Eela Royappen (R200) Sirshikanth & Dumyanthi Soni; Christian and Sybil Royeppen


We will no longer reproduce the lectionary each month.  We have plenty of copies for sale for R35 from the parish office as well as at services.  We encourage you to get your own copy.

Stewardship Forms

A reminder to fill in and return the Stewardship Forms as soon as possible.  Copies are available at services, from the church office and on our website .

St Martin’s Children’s Home

One of the ministries that Revd Sabelo Mthimkhulu carries out as part of his responsibility within our archdeaconry is that of chaplain to St Martin’s Children’s Home.  He writes about this work as follows:

I minister as a Chaplain to St Martin’s Diocesan Home for Children. This home current houses 65 Children, from disadvantaged backgrounds. The home is registered with the Department of Social Development to take care of children between the ages of 4-18.

As a Chaplain to the Home, I do prayer and counselling, I visit the Home at least 2 Wednesdays a month, our prayer sessions take place between 16h30-17h15, I’m however available from 16h00 to meet those who might need one on one sessions.

The Chaplain also seats on the Board of St Martin’s which meets from time to time to discuss the running of the Home.

As a Chaplain, I’m am grateful of the support St Paul’s guilds offer to St Martin’s, there is quite a lot needed by the home, so we will appreciate the ongoing support.

Kerr House

St Pauls is a half owner and serves on the Board of Kerr House, a shelter for abused women.  From time to time we share news of its operations.

  • Recently, after 6 years of service, Zelma Lewis retired as House Mother.
  • One of our members, Penny Larkin, volunteers at the home. Other volunteers are welcome to share their skills. You may arrange an appointment by contacting Gail at or call on  031-3032912.
  • Their wish list consists of the following needs: 4 Bedrooms to be painted in soft serene colours; Neutral curtains for the 4 bedrooms; Toilet paper and tissues (ongoing need); Vacuum cleaner; Photocopy machine; Good quality high speed scanner; Camera; Shredder; 2x External Hard Drives; Stationery (ongoing need); Wool for Crafts; Fabrics for Crafts; Children’s soft toys and good condition todays; Baby clothing and diapers (all sizes)”
  • Christmas orders are open. Find out about our skills.  Projects and how you could support us by purchasing our products. Beautiful gifts! Small Stockings; Cosmetic bags; Cutlery set holders; Pen bags; Wine holders.”

With the 16 days of no violence against women and children make a difference by engaging with Kerr House!

COP 26

The following was written by Archbishop Thabo on Monday this week:

Explaining and Praying for the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow – Archbishop Thabo Makgoba

 “The next 12 days will be critical to life as we know it on the planet, and especially for Africa.

In Glasgow, governments which have signed up to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change hold the 26th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the convention (COP26) to decide how to prevent climate  catastrophe.

António Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, has described the climate crisis as “code red for humanity”.

The current aim is to reduce carbon emissions – from coal, petroleum and natural gas – to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above the temperatures seen before the industrial age. To achieve this, by 2030 global emissions must be halved, and by 2050 we must reach “net-zero”, meaning the greenhouse gas we produce should be no more than that removed from the atmosphere.

But Mr Guterres warns that despite action already taken, we are headed for a “catastrophic” global temperature rise of 2.7 degrees Celsius.

The impact of the crisis is particularly serious for Africa. Scientists of the World Meteorological Organization say that the continent is warming, and sea levels along South Atlantic and Indian Ocean coasts are rising, more rapidly than the global average.

Josefa Leonel Correia Sacko, Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture with the African Union Commission, says that if there is no change, by 2030 up to 118 million extremely poor Africans (those living on less than U.S.$1.90 a day) will be exposed to drought, floods and extreme heat.

Scientists at the University of Cape Town forecast that rainfall in eight African countries they have studied will decrease by well over 20mm in the driest months, and by more than 100mm per year in the worst hit nations.

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the specialised United Nations agency which works to improve food security, says this will have a devastating impact on yields of staple and cash crops grown by small-scale farmers.

It explains: “This could have a catastrophic impact on poverty and food availability unless there is an urgent injection of funding to help vulnerable farmers adapt how and what they farm.”

IFAD adds that developing countries need between $70 billion and $100 billion a year to be able to adapt, and by 2030 they will need between $140 to $300 billion. But at present the international community is providing only $22 billion a year.

So we face a Kairos moment – a moment of truth, a critical turning point – in the struggle to avoid climate catastrophe.  Accordingly, I invite all people of faith to pray for COP26 on each day of the talks until November 12:

Lord God,

We give thanks for the world in which you have placed us

For the beauty which surrounds us

And for the natural resources you provide which sustain us

We pray for all those gathered in Glasgow for COP26

We pray for the heads of state and government representatives

We pray for the negotiators and scientists

We pray for the climate activists

That all will unite in a common effort to avert climate catastrophe

We also pray for those in fossil fuel industries whose livelihoods are at stake

And for the rapid development of renewable energy sources which will create new jobs

Lord God,

We ask you to move the hearts of leaders of the industrialised nations which produce most carbon emissions

That they will hear the cries of developing nations, which suffer the worst effects of climate change

And that COP26 will generate the resources needed to help poor nations adapt to meet the crisis

In your name we pray.  Amen”

Looking ahead:

  • Sunday 14 November Remembrance Day
  • Thursday 25 November – Friday 10 December 16 Days No Violence against Women and Children
  • Sunday 28 November Advent; Thanksgiving/harvest Festival
  • Saturday 13 December Ordination of Revd Sabelo Mthimkhulu to the priesthood

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