Sunday 16 October 2022. Sermon is by Revd Dr Andrew Warmback.


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Date of Fete – 29 October

There is a large box near the pulpit to receive items. Please make your donations there or to the church office.
There are different coloured envelopes available for you to make a contribution towards the fete fundraising.

Planned Giving (PG) forms

PG forms are available at the desk. We encourage everyone to be on the PG Scheme. Thanks to all those who have been faithful to their giving. Receipts for PG are available for collection. Please check your details are correct. In
future, we would like to email the receipts.


This meeting will start immediately after the 7.30 service today. Please remain in the church for it. The final blessing and dismissal will take place at the end of the meeting.

Stewardship material:

Please take a pack on the table and fill it in. We would like all our members to fill in the material – the renewal of membership, time and talents and the Planned Giving forms. They are to be returned on Commitment Sunday, 30


A reminder to wear your nametags and to return them before you leave church. If you do not have a nametag please write your name on the list at the table and one will be made up for you.

MU Bible Study:

Thursday 20 October at 9.30.

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Bring a friend to church to our services next Sunday.

Parish Council:

A special meeting to look at security will take place on Saturday 22 October at 10.00.

Rector on Leave:

The rector will be away from 19 – 28 October.

Rector’s farewell: The farewell service for the Rector is on Sunday 20 November 2022. Please keep this date in mind.

AmaShova Cycle race:

Please note there will be road closures on Sunday 23 October. Please ask for a pass from the Wardens or sides people.

Thanks and appreciation

Esstel Vorster – Printing papers
Kenneth and Beryl Finn – Items for Fete
Greta Ellis – Items for Fete
Timothy Nsereko – R300 for Fete
Williams Family- items for the Fete
Veronica Mudaly- items for the Fete
Loggie Pillay- charcoal
Scotty Norkie- items for the Fete
Doreen Senoge- items for the Fete
David Hughes- items for the Fete
Birthdays – 16 – 22 October
16 Edwin Louis, Nobentungwa Calypso Zwane
17 Hazel Clarisse, Molly Sigamoney
18 Chukloudum Okoli, Ben-Paul Onyekaomelu
20 Leandra Koster, Senzo Masuku
22 Yasmin Mahomed Ebrahim

Sermon by Revd Dr Andrew Warmback (Luke 18:1-8)


We are in the season of stewardship – a time when we give thanks to God for the gifts and resources that God has given us and it’s an opportunity to recommit ourselves to God’s ministry and mission to the city through St Pauls.

When we talk about stewardship it is about the stewardship of our lives, of all of our resources; the responsible use of our time, money, skills, occupation, our future – nothing is outside of God’s concern in our lives and the world.

Stewardship is about committing all we have to work for the realisation and extension of God’s Kingdom on earth – God’s rule of love, justice and peace.

Parable of the Widow and the Judge

In our parable today Jesus tells the story of a widow asking an unjust judge for justice. This heartless judge admits that he himself “neither fears God nor respects people.”

In a patriarchal culture that governed social norms the widow would have been very much a marginalized person, a vulnerable women most likely with few resources.

Yet she has the courage to repeatedly ask the judge for justice; and he eventually gives in to her because he does not want to be bothered by her any longer. The widow uses all her resources – her energy, her skills, and possibly financial resources – to overcome the corrupt judge and obtain justice.

God is different

Our image of God, how we imagine God to be is significant in shaping how we live our lives, how we use what God has given us. God is very different from the unjust judge. Jesus says towards the end of the story: “And will not God grant justice to his chosen ones who cry to him day and night? ….I tell you, he will quickly grant justice to them.” God is just and merciful and on the side of those who suffer unjustly.

Gender and Xenophobia

In our parish we have worked at various areas of justice. I mention two – gender justice and opposing xenophobia. We have tried to model a community in which all are welcome and valued, where we all belong, men and women alike, and children and those who are local as well as so called ‘foreigners’. But this work is an ongoing
struggle that requires the persistent challenging of attitudes that discriminate against people.


Jesus frames this parable in the context of prayer and the need to persevere in prayer. Prayer is important, and should also be accompanied by other forms of action. From Jesus’ teaching today we learn that a prayerful life of devotion to God is characterised by a life that seeks justice.

Prisoners of Conscience

In our lectionary for this Sunday we are asked to remember Prisoners of Conscience. Many people around the world languish in prisons because of their quest for justice and peace.

At the moment we are most aware of the protests in Iran allowing the death of Mahsa Amini who died in custody following a transgression in the wearing of her headscarf. According to An Amnesty International report many have been killed, including at least 23 children. Many hundreds of children have been arrested and imprisoned.

Unjust leaders

In our story we had the example of an unjust judge. In our world today we find unjust leaders, those who do not respect the human rights of their citizens. These should be our concerns too. As Martin Luther King once said “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere; ” and “what affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”


God has blessed us richly – St Pauls is a parish with many gifts and resources. Let us in this stewardship season offer them to God, expressing our commitment through the forms we make available for you to fill in.

Finally, in the process of seeking justice let us not forget to treat one another justly, and with care and respect.


You are invited to make a contribution to the ministry and mission of our church by making a donation to the following account: Account Name: St Paul’s Church Account Number: 50854628623 Bank: First National Bank
(FNB) Branch Code: 221426


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