Sunday 25 September 2022. Sermon by Revd Dr Andrew Warmback

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Date of Fete 29 October

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Heritage Day Concert:

Thanks to all who assisted with this and attended.

Laila Arya Royappen: We give thanks to God for the safe arrival of Nikita’s daughter (and Eela’s granddaughter) And also Iyanna Asipile: Daugher of Siviwe and Letiwe Tymre

Sunday School:

Will not meet during the school holidays, on Sunday 2 and 9 October.

Church Men’s Society Walk:

Saturday 1 October at 6.00. Leaving Blue Lagoon at 6.00. Both men and women are welcome.

Provincial Standing Committee:

This is the ACSA body that meets between Provincial Synods. Please pray for their next sitting that takes place (virtually) from 28-30 September. Revds Andrew and Bruce will be attending this meeting this week.

Rector’s farewell:

The farewell service for the Rector is on Sunday 20 November 2022. Please keep this date in mind.

Congratulations to Rector:

On being appointed Archdeacon of Ethekwini North, this past week.

Special Vestry:

Bishop Nkosinathi has called a special vestry for 16 October to discuss the new rector. There will be one service at 7.30 that morning. The vestry will be held immediately after this service.

Staff appreciation: The Parish would like to show appreciation to our 4 staff members (Sithembile, Freda, Sizwe and Sikhumbuzo, the security guard) in December, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the church going.

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Thanks and appreciation

AWF Items for soup kitchen
Canon May Laban R500 towards the Matthew Oragwu Family
Bulelwa Magudu- 24 bottled water
Zasembo & Singile Mkhize- R400 for flowers in thanksgiving for their birthdays.
Timothy Nsereko R300 for flowers & R2000 in thanksgiving for his birthday.

Needs of the church

Charcoal, Incense, Priest Wafers, People Wafers
A4 Papers, cleaning products (toilet paper, garbage bags, dishing washing liquid, handy andy, bleach, jik, furniture polish, window cleaner, wax polish for floor)
Items for soup kitchen

Birthdays 25 Sept. to 1 Oct.

25 Egerton Hingston, Jnr
26 Eela Royeppen
28 Lindiwe Ngcobo
29 Raphael Mdepha
Wedding anniversary 25 Sept. to
1 Oct.
26 Clara & Bhekizenzo Mbatha
27 Joy & John Dennis
28 Bahle & Jabu Soni

Sermon by Revd Dr Andrew Warmback (Luke 16:19-21)


The gospel reading today contains a strong message: to do the right thing and do not delay. It is about taking action when you can. Don’t wait for the right time to act. It may never arrive and then it may be too late.


Let’s remind ourselves of the story. It is about a rich person and a poor person. The rich person was dressed in purple and fine linen and feasted sumptuously every day.

The poor man called Lazarus is described as being at the gate of the rich man every day but is ignored. He longed to eat the crumbs that fell from the rich man’s table and the dogs would come and lick his sores.

They both died: the poor man was taken by the angels besides Abraham; the rich man was buried and went to the other place. The rich man regretted that way he had behaved towards Lazarus and wanted Lazarus to help him. Furthermore, the rich man wanted Abraham to warn his five brothers to behave differently but it was too late they should know already how to treat other people after all they have Moses and the prophets says Abraham.

In this story the rich man is criticised not because of his wealth but because he ignored Lazarus’ suffering, he did not show compassion towards him. He did not notice the poor man, until it was too late, when he realised his error.

It is a South African story, of contrasts between wealth and poverty, of structural inequality, of an economic system that maintains this gap between the haves and the have nots.

It is also a story of the need to recognise and acknowledge each person’s humanity, to realise our interdependence as human beings we belong together despite our differences and to do something positive: a timely reminder for our Heritage Day celebrations.

Implications for us

This story is set in the context of life and death; and in life we are given the opportunity to do what God wants us to do.

Like the rich person we also delay, sometimes putting important things off until it is too late; we procrastinate.

We make the excuses, such as we are too busy.

Jesus lived with purpose, with a sense of urgency, never deviating from what he was sent to do. He was a person of action.

We have the scriptures, we have much to help us to know God’s will for us; how to love God and our neighbours as ourselves, to serve, to help others, to be generous. Ignorance should be no excuse.

These ideas are expressed also in our contemporary culture:

In the words of the late management science writer, Steven Covey, in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, the first habit is “First things First” Start to do what is most important.

Or in the phrase of Robin Williams in the movie The Dead Poets Society the Latin phrase Carpe Diem, “seize the day, grab the opportunities that come your way, you may not get a second chance.

Whether we need to express gratitude towards someone or show appreciation, forgive someone, lets do it.

To respond to those who ask you for help; to work for justice and reconciliation, to condemn xenophobia and other phobias which discriminate against people don’t just talk about what you want to do start to do it.

In all things we are to seek first God’s will; the time is now, let us not delay, we may regret it.



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