Sunday Sermon by Revd Hendry Naidoo. 25 April 2021

Dear family of St Paul’s

Greetings in Jesus’ name on this Third Easter Sunday!

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John 10:9 Jesus said, I’m the door of the sheepfold. Anyone who enters in will be safe. He will go in and out and will find pasture.

Illustration of fishermen using expensive baits, colourful ones but when they go and fish, they catch nothing. The fish wouldn’t bite. So the fishermen comes away saying that the fish are not hungry.

Parallels in our spiritual lives_ the devil tempts us with many attractive things. Wecas children of God must resist these like the fish, so that the devil can sau like the fishermen they are not hungry.

The sad thing is that many find it easier to fall for the temptations rather than indulge in the pasture that God provides for his children. No matter what God provides for them they will not feast on the rich provision, so Hod says of these people they are not hungry.

The saddest thing in the world today is not people who are starving, experiencing drought and famine and dying because of a lack of good food, but people who are not hungry for God’s provision. They just don’t have an appetite.

The pastures that God provides are

  1. The Bible. It’s nourishment for our souls.
  2. Prayer. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord. Through prayer we are strengthened in our faith and love for God.
  3. Church. Attendance at church we are nourished by Word and sacrament. Also by Christian fellowship.
  4. Christian Service. Serving the people around us can bring great joy and peace to our souls.

These are some of the nourishment or pasture that God provides for all those who are in the sheepfold.

We must partake of these so that God would not say of us that we are not hungry.



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