Thoko Elizabeth Gumede – A TRIBUTE BY THE MOTHER’S UNION

Jesus said to her, ” I am resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live ”

MamGumede was a member of the Mothers’ Union here at St Paul’s Church.

A very dignified lady, always wearing a smile on her face and always with her better half, bab’Gumede, what a couple !!.

Mam’Gumede had a vast knowledge on Spiritial matters. I remember meeting her while we still on probation in 2017, she adressed us on the issue of how to go about comforting the sick, the bereaved family and, or anyone who needs to be consoled, fulfilling the 5th objective as stated in our manual. That, she explained patiently and with great passion.

As time went by, she did not have time to stay for meetings after church as she relied on grandkids for transport BUT she would always come and excuse herself.

She will be dearly missed by members of the Mothers’ Union.

Hamba kahle mam’Gumede. Had the MU been there, we would be reciting the MU prayer.