PEGGY JEAN TRUDGEON Born 02-08-1926 Died 05-02-2021

Life Personal History

Birth – Peggy Jean Alcock was born on 02 August 1926 in a house in Mitchell Road, Greyville, Durban opposite the Greyville Horse Race Track. Her mother was at the birth.

Parents & Siblings – Peggy was the 3rd (last) child of her parents, the Late Henry Alcock and Late Primrose Blanca Alcock (Whittaker) and later stepdad Doug Bennett. Peggy had two older siblings, a sister, the late Dorothy Maud Alcock (Leggat) and a brother the Late Frederick John Alcock born on 25 November 1922  – nine and four years older than her respectively.

Childhood – As a child Peggy originally lived at the Woodlands Hotel in Duffs Road till nine years, – Her favorite trips was on the old mail boats from Durban to Cape Town with her father before schooling. Family values & punishment – When naughty her dad used to take away her bicycle away which she treasured. Every night at the clock stroke of 7pm, except Christmas, Dad would pear over the newspaper he was reading and she had to go to bed.

Education, she went to Greenwood Park for two years, Bulwer Road Glenwood till standard 6 and thereafter Durban Business College and passed short hand typing.

Beliefs – Peggy was christened in St Columbus Anglican Church, Greenwood Park and attended Sunday School.

As a child, Peggy’s favorite pet was a dog called Blacky and her favorite season winter.

Her favorite food was roast lamb and stews; her preferred recipe was scones and baked the tastiest scones for years. Mom also enjoyed a glass of wine with supper every night.

Flowers were another favorite, especially the colour of pink gladiolas’ and carnations.

Her daily routine as she woke up was a cup of warm coffee, followed by breakfast and enjoyed staying at home. Prayers every night was a must.

Turning 21 special memories were dancing ballroom at the Road House in Umgeni Road and North Coast. Other likes included movies and TV shows, music was the blues, Nat King Kole, Blue Berry Hill, Shakie Stevens and Green Door to name a few.

Work – At the tender age of 16 years old her first job was a clerk at JF Duff doing filing and later moved to Dunlop Tyres in Sydney Road Umbilo (10 years). Peggy was given the nickname Pegs at work. Peggy retired from working at Dunlops in 1952 before the birth of her first child.

Marriage – Peggy married the Late Norman Gregory Trudgeon on 02 September 1949 at Old Fort Chapel Durban. She met my dad through her friendship by being with Joy at Dunlops, a sister of Norman, his charming manor as a bus conductor on the trams at the time. The wedding ceremony was small, attended by family and the reception was morning breakfast upstairs at the Playhouse Theatre, a favorite eating venue in those days and she arecalls receiving a wooden box stainless steel cutlery set which she treasured until today.

Children – Peggy had four children, two boys and two girls named as follows:              Rodney, Dennis, Glenda and Lorraine. (Glenda married Shane Malan, and Lorraine married Lloyd Demmer respectively)

Special memories mom packed a picnic basket taking us to paddling pools on beachfront, tearoom bioscopes and many train rides down to her sister in Port Shepstone and every second Sunday lunch at my granny’s house in 29 Pastol Road Sarnia.

Grandchildren – Peggy had five grandchildren she adored, namely, Lea, Dale, Ashley, Scotty and Kevin and later three great grandchildren Caitlin, Ethan and Luke.

Hobbies and Interests – included dancing, loved watching TV, sport, like baseball, rugby and horse racing and enjoyed the evening news and soapies like Days of Our Lives, Survivor, Quiz Shows, Law and Order, Strictly Come Dancing and Ice Skating to name a few.

Creative Expression activities included listening to music, knitting all her children’s  many jerseys, socks, reading many novels, crosswords and her favorite weekly “You” magazine and  newspapers.

Home – her favorite home was 514 Stella Road Malvern, a humble home, loved the garden and was happy living there since 1955 almost 65 years until her death.

Family Life and Traditions – Sunday School, Birthdays, Christmas, family meals and get-togethers with friends.

Travel – Train was her favorite form of transport, apart from local train trips, every school holidays she took her grandchildren on an overnight train to Johannesburg to stay with Dennis in his house.

Special Treasures’ – The antique hundred year old wooden clock given to her by the Trudgeon family, that chimed on the hour and every half hour was a special feature.  Jewelry, wedding rings, bracelets and necklaces she treasured and was indeed thankful for the smallest of gifts even a box of chocolates or a sweet.

War Service – Peggy remembered Word War 2 around 1935, when she was about 9 years old, in particular to roll-down any blinds, use black curtains and keep the lights off at home.

Health – Mom was blessed for a long healthy life of 94 years, had a strong spirit, however In her later years, she required frequent doctor visits and lately a few hospital stays at various times. Mom hated hospitals, but at times she was very sick and required special treatment.

Death – Almighty God called Peggy to rest at 08:30 on Friday 5 February 2021 and her funeral service was held in St Pauls Church Durban on Thursday 11 February 2021. A private cremation and her ashes will be kept at Queensburgh Cemetery, Malvern, together with her late husband Norman. The cemetery in Malvern is just off Stella Road, walking distance from the house she stayed most of her life.


Let us Pray… Almighty God, our heavenly Father, as we celebrated this holy Eucharist with praise and thanksgiving, for hope of everlasting life, which is ours in Christ Jesus. Keep us steadfast in faith and strength during the time of sorrow and bereavement. We give thanks for your love reflected in Peggy our beloved mom’s life.                                            Lord in your Mercy…………Hear our prayers

Mom was the very essence of compassion, selflessness, loving, patient, kind, caring and always considering family and friends’ needs, offering kind words of advice and most of all your love and how you brightened our lives. Her character was simplistic. Mom’s concern was over me and how I would cope, going forward as family unity was important to her. If we as a family can continue her legacy, life lessons, energy, love and live a simple life.

Mom we know how great your recent suffering was, with increased TIA symptoms, causing you restlessness, loss of appetite, voice, breathing and sleep, we cannot imagine how you felt, yet mom you were so brave. Our daily prayers every night, praying ‘Our Father Who Art in Heaven Prayer’, for God’s grace and protection from danger of all her family and friends and especially safety from the Covid-19 pandemic. Mom you thanked me every night after our prayers. We thank the Almighty Lord for giving us a mother, dedicating her entire life and time for her children and family, an example of a perfect mother. We will always treasure the sacrifices and unconditional love and the way you always brightened our lives.

On behalf of family I would like to express my sincere thanks to my family siblings, Rodney, Glenda and Lorraine, all her grandchildren, great grand-children. A very special thanks to Olga her caregiver and very dear friend during the last eight years, Maria my work and true spiritual friend, Shirley whom she adored as a daughter, mom even changed Shirley’s son name to Zane, Joyce (97 years old) for her continued loving care and support, Rajesh my best friend , rock in life, my boys Danvir/Kailash, Swasti,  for their unconditional love and support, Revd May, Father Andrew, all at St Paul’s Church service today, Lay ministers, Barcelona Family, especially Carien and Clair for their prayers, Mercia your special love and support,  Doves and lall’s Flowers for the lovely church flowers all calls and messages of condolences from all friends, and everyone who loved and may a contribution to mom’s life.

I will like to end by thanking God for giving us a mother, a gift from God Almighty, unique, priceless and so special, above all we give thanks for the life of a woman I am proud to call mother. Mom your beauty internal and external will never ever be extinguished from our minds. All the best and difficult times in her life were cherished.  Memories, loving, amazing, beautiful, memories.  Mom, you were always very alert, high spirited, and conscious of your surroundings, always reminded me of everything, till the very end. Mom, I am indeed so proud to be called your son. I love you from my heart, we all love you, will always love you, the Almighty God has called you, rest in peace and rise in glory.   Farewell my beloved mom.                                                                                                                      Amen                                             11/02/2021                                          Dennis Stanley Trudgeon


2 August 1926 – 5 February 2021

Thanks to everyone who has come to bid a dignified farewell to our mother.

This Eulogy is dedicated specifically to my brother, Dennis and 2 sisters Glenda and Lorraine.

How blessed we have been to have a mother as we had – and for so long.

I am 68, which means I’ve had a mother for 68 years.

Hers was a life COMPLETELY dedicated to her 4 children, even to the detriment of her marriage.

Our mother put us 4 children first.  During all those school years where the four of us had to be woken up, teeth polished, breakfast on the table before we tottered off to school, not forgetting the delicious sandwiches which she made for us every morning, having woken up at 5 to start preparing.

And when we came home, she was always there to welcome us back with a cup of tea, before she began the preparations for the evening supper.

After that, there’d be homework and then we’d be sent off to bed.

I can remember when I was very young always saying to my mother as she tucked us in, “When you’re finished your work will you come and sit by me”.

But we were usually always asleep by the time she’d washed the dishes, tidied the kitchen and house and began some provisional planning for the next morning.

Her energy and care knew no bounds.  In fact the one thing that many people have been saying to me since Mom died was what a kind person she was.

And she never took naps during the day.  In fact, one day when I came home from school I couldn’t find her.  Eventually I discovered that she was fast asleep on her bed.  This was so unusual that I got quite a fright and I remember putting my ear next to her mouth to make sure she was still breathing.

We used to have tremendous fun with her as well.  Going to the cinema on a Saturday morning followed by pie, gravy and chips with a coke at the station tea room.  What a treat!

Lorraine recalls a fun incident . . . . (LORRAINE’S STORY)

Going out as a family in those days was quite a logistical exercise for her.  Getting the 4 of us dressed and ready, walking a kilometer of so to the bus stop and then, very often once in town, having to changes buses to go to the sea front of to visit friends or family.

My mother outlived all our relations by many years. My father died in 1992.

I remember how completely devastated she was when her sister Dot died suddenly of a brain haemorrhage and my mother was particularly close to her.

My mother’s mother, whom we called “Nanny”, lived in Sarnia near Pinetown.  And about once a month my mother would walk the kilometer to the train station where she would meet us after Sunday School and bundle us on to the train.  Quite an adventure.

Mum has always been my support, strength and comfort when times have been tough. … It is an honour to stand before you and share my precious memories of my mother. She will be missed by all, but her memory will live on in us all forever. I love you so much, Mum, and will miss you more than words can say.

Wonderful Mother

By Patrick O’Reilly

God made a wonderful mother,
A mother who never grows old;
He made her smile of the sunshine.
And He moulded her heart of pure gold;
In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,
In her cheeks fair roses you see;
God made a wonderful mother,
And He gave that dear mother to me.

If Roses Grow in Heaven

By Dolores M. Garcia

If roses grow in heaven,
Lord please pick a bunch for me,
Place them in my Mother’s arms
and tell her they’re from me.

Tell her I love her and miss her,
and when she turns to smile,
place a kiss upon her cheek
and hold her for awhile.

Because remembering her is easy,
I do it every day,
but there’s an ache within my heart
that will never go away.

We bid farewell today to the kindest, most gentle, loving, caring and decent person I for one have ever known.

Please let’s not be too sad.  Let’s try, through the tears, to celebrate her beautiful life.

Tribute from oldest grandson, Lea Demmer, who read Psalm 23 and did the emotional tribute at funeral service.

To Gran

Where do I begin or end.

As I grieve your passing, my head, heart and soul is flourished with the most amazing memories and experiences of you. The sweetest thing about this message I read to you today is that I am once again reminded of the abundance of precious memories, subtle life lessons, sense of calmness, love and care that you added to my world.

If I was to stand here and write down every tribute to you, we would be here for ages. I have decided to keep my message simple and brief and the rest of the memories of you will be told many times over to everyone I know. Some memories – I will be selfish and just enjoy for myself.

Your home for us as grandchildren growing up was always one of my favourite places and countless days after school we would be dropped off after school to play and spend time with you. We wrecked your garden, climbed your trees and destroyed your garage. On any given typical day, you had a schedule we would follow – sandwiches at the table with juice then we were only allowed to go out and play. You would make us take our school shoes and socks off and sit in front of you and we would be in for a quick, customized foot massage. You had a way of massaging and crunching our toes and made us feel brand new again. Gran’s house was the best after school!

We grew up and I then asked if I could stay with you. I remember being quite anxious about asking you because I thought you would think why would a graceful old lady allow this crazy 20 year old into her peaceful space. However, you said yes and were delighted to have me there. At the time, I never realized how spending this time around you would eventually form part of who I am today. I am not taking away anything I was taught by Mom and Dad or anyone else, but I got to really figure out your values and idiosyncrasies. Without you even being aware I used to take a few seconds out while you were watching tv or reading You Magazine to just appreciate you.

My friends would come over visit and there were quite a few of them and you loved it and they really enjoyed sitting chatting to you. I learnt even more about sharing thinking about it now, because a few of them never called you Aunty Peggy and Mrs. Trudgeon… they called you Gran as well! You inherited grandchildren you never knew you had and I had to just basically share you.

You introduced me to the best beer ever – Lion Lager! I don’t like drinking anything else – I secretly raise one to you every time I have one….. Or two!

Your eye brows – you penciled them on while doing your make up and Gran, I don’t know what was going on at the make-up station in your room but as the years went on, that left side eye brow slowly started taking flight and became more and more vertical as the years and occasions went on.

Tarryn and I are so grateful that Luke got to spend some time with his GEE-GEE. Although Luke is all over the place he would hone into you and loved you so dearly. The bond between you two fills our heart with abundance of joy and I will never stop telling him stories about you. When Luke wakes in the morning, I do the same foot massage and toes crunching, he loves it so much and says to me, “Daddy, you do it like GEE GEE do it”

As I said, I will keep today message simple and brief but as I conclude, I am all good with where you are today.

On Friday, a feather fell next to where I was sitting on my verandah, I know it’s from your new wings when you took flight; I have kept it in a safe place.

Rest in peace Gran, fly with the angels and I know you have found your place in heaven which makes me very happy. I will echo your legacy and the lesson you taught me. I will not say goodbye today. We will continue to speak through the universe.

Thank You

Love You