Youth Dialogue

The youth were subdued when the session started. The end of the three hour dialogue of group discussions, engagements and silent reflection yielded amazing results. The confidence, ideas and suggestions from individuals and groups were encouraging.

Linda Zama recalls: “Finally, today the dream to begin a dialogue with young adults became real. In 2018, a health and wellness programme was started and it has proved to be highly successful, enjoyable and unifying in a special way for both learners and educators in schools that are under resourced. Physical education, emotional and mental well being of our youth cannot be emphasised.

That our young adults feel neglected and marginalised is an under statement; yet they are articulate and sensitive to life’s day to day challenges. It was a privilege to work with some youth at St Paul’s today as we teased the theme ‘It Begins With Me’. It is hoped that as the dialogue unfolds, the youth from all walks of lives, not just churches, will have a strong compass to guide them wherever they are.

It is hoped that depression, suicide attempts and general discontent will be addressed as mental well being awareness is addressed. Finally, it is hoped that the participating youth will begin to live and live fully as the ability to respond to life becomes effortless and enjoyable.”